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MetroSidebar is a Windows utility that gives you immediate access to some useful widgets. With its help, you can instantly learn how's the weather in a certain city from around the world, check the time, search information online, set alarms, and so much more.

The program's main window can be revealed by dragging and holding your mouse cursor on the upper-right corner of your desktop. The application allows you to choose which of the tiles to keep on its interface and which ones to permanently hide.

Furthermore, each of the integrated widgets comes with its own set of settings. Simply click on the tool in question and right-click to reveal the correspondent options. For example, the alarm tool provides you with options for setting the preferred alarm sound file.

Even though the utility appears to be simple, it wasn't so simple to figure out how it works. Some settings are difficult to find. For instance, I still can't find an option to add new tiles in the main screen of the app.

Another aspect that bothered me was that the app lets you use only one search engine (Bing) when looking for info online. Also, you need to restart your PC once the installation process for the MetroSidebar app is complete.

Even though this application is free of charge I still don't think it's worth keeping it on your PC as it comes with many flaws.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Each tool comes with its own set of settings
  • Helps you set alarms
  • Provides you with accurate weather info


  • You need to restart your PC after installing the app
  • Lets you look for info online only by using a certain search engine (Bing)
  • Unable to add extra tiles
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